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David Storey has been part of the film industry for over ten years.  Educated at the Tisch Film School, David has written a Lionsgate distributed feature film called "Never Surrender", as well as written, produced, and directed his own feature film "Sacrificial Freshmen".  Made for $17,000, "Sacrificial Freshmen" was able to find foreign distribution through the horror film company TomCat Films LLC. 

For the past few years, the producers of "Reign of the Dead" have been working relentlessly to bring the film to production.  From the initial script, to a comic book, to animating the intro of the film for Kickstarter, the producers have been developing “Reign of the Dead” to become a major motion picture that is distributed to a theatre near you.

The film at its heart is about the power of imagination to conquer all obstacles. In this case, the obstacles are the pressures and problems of high school for the unpopular...and zombies.

The film also deals with the global issue of bullying and tries to explore the positive way bullied teens can find support and self confidence through friendship and self expression...and fighting zombies.

It is the hope of the producers that "Reign of the Dead" becomes a film that inspires kids to believe in themselves and fuels their imagination while also reminding adults of the kid adventure films of their youth...except with zombies.